Plant sales during LRC COVID-19 Closure

In many different ways, now couldn’t be a better time to plant native seedlings in your home garden. With a sudden increase in time spent at home and idyllic autumn conditions, why not purchase some local tubestock!

Purchases are currently available for orders greater than 20 plants only. Please select from the list below (click on the links for information about each species) and call us on 4921 0392 to order. No-contact deliveries will be arranged following EFTPOS payment over the phone.

Discounts are available for Landcare volunteers and Backyard Habitat for Wildlife Members  – current discounted tubestock rate is $3.90 per forestry tube. Delivery is free within Lake Macquarie LGA and we can also deliver you compostable green bags with your plant order.


Common Name
Allocasuarina littoralisBlack She-Oak
Allocasuarina torulosaForrest Oak
Casuarina glaucaSwamp Oak
Corymbia maculataSpotted Gum
Eucalyptus acmeniodesWhite Mahogany
Eucalyptus punctataGrey Gum
Eucalyptus robustaSwamp Mahogony
Eucalyptus tereticornisForest Red Gum
Ficus coronataCreek Sandpaper Fig
Melaleuca stypheloidesPrickly Paper back
Syncarpia glomuliferaTurpentine
Callicoma serratifoliaBlack Wattle
Callistemon citrinusCrimson Bottlebrush
Callistemon pinifoliusPine-leaved Bottlebrush
Callistemon salignusWillow-leaved Bottle Brush
Dillwynia retorta Heathy Parrot Pea
Dodonaea triquetraHop Bush
Grevillea sericea ssp ripariaPink Spider Flower
Hakea salicifolia Willow-leafed Hakea
Hakea sericeaSilky Hakea
Hakea teritifoliaDagger Hakea
Isopogon anemonifoliusDrum-sticks
Jacksonia scopariaDogwood
Leptospermum polygalifoliumTantoon
Melaleuca linarifoliaSnow in Summer
Melaleuca thymifoliaThyme-leaved Honey Myrtle
Myrsine variabilisVariable Muttonwood
Pittosporum revolutumRough-fruit Pittosporum
Prostanthera incana Velvet Mint Bush
Prostanthera incisaCut-leaved Mint Bush
Pultanea daphnoidesLarge-leaved Bush-pea
Westringia fruticosaCoastal Rosemary
Brachyscome angustifoliaGrass daisy
Brachyscome multifidaCut-leafed daisy
Cassinia cunninghamiiYellow Cassinia
Dianella caeruleaNative Flax Lily
Dichondra repensKidney Weed
Goodenia bellidifoliaDaisy-leaved Goodenia
Goodenia hetrophyllaVariable Goodenia
Hydrocotyl tripartitaHydrocotyl
Viola hederaceaNative violet
Carex appressaTall Sedge
Eleocharis acutaSpike Rush
Ficinia nodosaKnobby Club Rush
Gahnia clarkeiSaw Sedge
Lomandra longifolia (Creek)Spiny Mat Rush
Schoenus melanostachysBlack Bog-rush
Dichelachne micranthaShort-hair Plume Grass
Imperata cylindricaBlady Grass
Panicum simileTwo-colour Panic
Poa labillardieriLarge Tussock Grass
Themeda triandraKangaroo Grass
Doryanthes excelsaGymea Lilly
Eustrephus latifoliusWombat Berry
Kennedia rubicundaCoral Pea